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» Classes of MBBS (Batch 2021) Admission in 2022 will commence from 14th February 2022 (Monday) at 9:00 AM.

» MBBS Prospectus – 2021-22

» Important instructions for MBBS Admissions – 2021

» Documents required to be submitted by Students to PIMS Jalandhar after Counseling by BFUHS

» For latest updates, please visit university website http://bfuhs.ac.in

Note: Selected candidates to bring all completed documents including documents mentioned in University Prospectus, at the time of reporting to the institution for verification of documents and joining.

MBBS Course Fee
The tuition fee is as per Punjab Government Notification/No 5/5/2021-5HB-III/8191 dated 22.09.2021. Below fees is provisional, subject to changes as per Punjab Government directions from time to time.

Year/Quota Installment Government Quota Management Quota
1st Year 1st Rs. 1,84,000/- Rs. 4,72,500/-
1st Year 2nd Rs. 1,84,000/- Rs. 4,72,500/-
2nd Year 1st Rs. 2,02,000/- Rs. 5,20,000/-
2nd Year 2nd Rs. 2,02,000/- Rs. 5,20,000/-
3rd Year 1st Rs. 2,20,500/- Rs. 5,67,000/-
3rd Year 2nd Rs. 2,20,500/- Rs. 5,67,000/-
4th Year 1st Rs. 2,39,000/- Rs. 6,14,500/-
4th Year 2nd Rs. 2,39,000/- Rs. 6,14,500/-
5th Year   Rs. 2,57,000/- Rs. 6,62,000/-

NRI Quota
The entire tuition fee amounting to US $ 1, 10,000 for the NRI Quota shall be payable at the time of admission. Students admitted against NRI seats will be required to furnish a Bank Guarantee at the time of admission for the balance fee, if they opt to pay the fee in installments. The installments are payable as below:-

Installments (US $)
1st Installment (at the time of admission) $60,000
2nd Installment (after one year of the 1st installment) $25,000
3rd Installment (after two years of the 1st installment) $25,000