University results of current and previous year

CourseYear/ProfSessionUniversity Notification No.Result Date
MBBSFirst ProfSO-22128-04-2023Click to View
MBBSThird Prof Part-ISO-22226-04-2023Click to View
MBBSThird Prof Part-ISO-22125-04-2023Click to View
MBBSSecond ProfSO-22121-04-2023Click to View
MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIND-22105-04-2023Click to View
MBBSFinal Prof Part-IMJ-22119-10-2022Click to View
MBBS2nd ProfND-21210-08-2022Click to View
MBBS2nd ProfMJ-22110-08-2022Click to View
MBBS1st ProfND-21227-07-2022Click to View
MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIFM-22121-07-2022Click to View
MBBS1st ProfSO-21321-07-2022Click to View
MBBS2nd ProfSO-21122-04-2022Click to View
MBBS2nd ProfND-21122-04-2022Click to View
MBBS1st ProfSO-21121-04-2022Click to View
MBBSFinal Prof Part-IND-21118-04-2022Click to View
MBBSFinal Prof Part-IIND-21112-04-2022Click to View